Alpaca wool is an incredible and unique material. Known for its superior insulation and cashmere-like feel, alpaca wool has long been used to make mittens, socks, blankets, and scarves. Here are some of the reasons we love alpaca fibers:

  •  Alpaca fibers contain no lanolin, which is the primary allergen in sheep wool
  • Smoother than Merino fibers, alpaca fibers don’t itch
  • The smooth fibers also resist bacteria and fungus which is why so many people find they have less foot odor when wearing alpaca socks
  • The fibers are hollow which means they are superior insulators, keeping your feet warm in freezing temperatures and comfortable when it’s hot

Those hollow fibers also mean alpaca wicks sweat better than cotton, merino, or other materials, keeping your feet nice and dry

 We took things a step further by blending synthetic materials in with the alpaca fibers to increase the stretch, form, and durability. We’ve blended the best natural fibers with superior synthetic materials to our soft socks for hardworking people.