A former YETI executive set out to make a better sock and came up with Woodroad's alpaca wool blend socks.  

We've asked out customers what they love about Woodroad's socks, and here's what they say.

1. "No more sagging socks!" You won't need to keep pulling the socks up; our socks have the perfect amount of stretch to keep them in place all day. 

2. "These things really hold up, and I'm not easy on my socks." The blend of natural wool and synthetic materials means Woodroad socks will outlast the competition and feel soft as heck while doing it.

3. "The most comfortable socks I've ever worn!" The blend of natural and synthetic materials makes Woodroad socks feel ridiculously soft every time you put them on. Non-stop comfort, all day.  

4. "Glad to find some good socks that aren't overpriced." Because Woodroad socks are sold direct-to-consumer, Woodroad can sell top quality products at a lower price than the competition.   

5. "It's awesome you guys are giving back!" Every year, we donate time and money to causes we care about, like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, the Coastal Conservation Association, and Keep Austin Beautiful. We believe in supporting our communities, and we invite our customers to do the same.